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About Peter Rogati

Peter Rogati is a 16-year-old Christian writer who loves everything mint! He prays to glorify God in all that he creates, and is excited to see how his Father uses his literature. Peter is a member of Young Writers Workshop, along with his best friend Jason Zimmerman. His novel, The Monk, is speculative fiction, and is in the midst of its first draft. Miznos is the first blog he has ever been apart of.

Paradoxical Love

When we shake our fist at God, He is the one who opens His hand; When we’re falling without hope, His love is a place we can land; When we teeter off the edge, He is the one Who grabs … Continue reading

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Drip Drip On the floor. I can’t hold on anymore. My fingertips start to slip. I’m falling. The wild wind in my face, Makes me feel something new. It might be called freedom; It might be named truth. Looking into … Continue reading

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Night Visions

My eyelids close with a boom. I gave up too soon. The fight was harder Then I thought it would be. Now here come my friends That darkness sends; Claws and teeth Swirl around my mind. I feel their stares … Continue reading

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What If. . .?

Here is a sick life. A virus attacks my soul. I cannot stop thinking. I could always end this life. Questions bombard Every shuffle-step I take. I feel so ungrateful, My distrust so distasteful. I have found my reason, My … Continue reading

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Disappearing Mist

 Hey everyone. This is our last post of Life 2.0.!! Super excited to finish this. Jason and I had a lot of fun writing this together as our first big writing collab. Thank you to all our faithful readers and … Continue reading

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Rain Dancer

My name is Rain Dancer, A fool of the youth, Guilty of intense appreciation. Shunned by many, Accepted by the outcasts. Don’t stare down at my task; I am bold in the rain. Legs flying; Feet stomping; Laughs echoing; Are … Continue reading

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I’m Broke

Hurt, lost, feel that dirt. I’ve been dragged so far, Forgot that northern star. Beaten, laughed at, and forsaken. Can’t you see the blows I’ve taken? Course’ you can’t, I’m just here for you to rant All your anger and … Continue reading

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