Exciting New Announcement!!!

Guess what?! Peter and I are launching a new blog, called Awkward Truth. It’ll have all the content that was on Miznos, only more. Plus, a larger emphasis on guest posts and a clearer purpose.

With Awkward Truth we want to focus on discovering God’s absolute truth in His relational and natural creation, even and especially when it’s awkward.

But before we launch we need your help.

We’ve created a two-question survey. Your answers will shape the direction of this new project.

Will you take a few minutes to:

1. Complete the survey yourself
2. Forward this email to anyone you think might be interested

Here’s the link to the survey:


Thank you so much for your support!

In Christ,
Jason and Peter

P.S. If you choose to subscribe for emails about the relaunch and are already subscribed to Miznos, you will be automatically taken off your Miznos subscription. Don’t be alarmed! You’ll still get notified about our most recent posts etc. except through our all-new Awkward Truth email list!


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