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About Jason

Jason Zimmerman is a 16-year-old passionate about serving God through writing and drama and loves embarking in strong God-honoring relationships with other believers. He is currently working on a full-length middle-grade novel, The Cruel Cat and The Hero’s Tail. He is also part of a Christian dance studio and has been taking piano lessons for ten years. His favorite book is The Giver by Lois Lowry, and he also loves the Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart, and Cloak of the Light by Chuck Black.

Cry! It’s Mother’s Day <3

I’ve been pretty busy this week (have a math final coming up, an Arabic final, and am overly obsessed with texting friends,) so I haven’t written anything to post this week! But. . .even though. . .I haven’t WRITTEN anything, … Continue reading

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A Stone’s Throw: A Short Story

Though the character ‘Jo Schulz’ was named after a friend (with her permission) this story is in no way meant to reflect that friend or my feelings/attitudes/relationship towards her. It was a fight. It was the kind of fight small … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt:

Take one of your favorite book or movie characters and put them in a completely new environment or genre (aka. Frodo in a galaxy far, far away; Anne of Green Gables in a thriller setting; etc.)

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Brother Wolf

Here’s a poem I wrote–inspired by the Jungle Book. I hope you enjoy! Dear brother wolf, please howl at night for me, and let me know that all’s alright and free. And when the tiger’s burning eyes conspire, do save … Continue reading

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Oh whispering wind, Tell me I’m growing up like a tree. Tell me my roots are deepening. Tell me I’m not shrinking. Cause I feel so much smaller, and yet I feel weary. I feel so much older, and yet … Continue reading

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Hey guys, I know I haven’t written in forever and I want to apologize. Recently, I’ve been sick and have been trying to keep up with writing my book (even despite the sickness) and try to get school done (even … Continue reading

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Let it be the question that is answered; Let it be the whisper that is heard. Let it be the roaring of the ocean, or the soaring of a bird. Let me soon escape the darkest passes. Let the fire … Continue reading

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