Life 2.0!

Life 2.0 is a story series we just recently started. We took reader’s preferences (for the main character, genre, villain etc.) from polls and are currently creating a story out of that.

Julian Prince, the son of a female Muslim immigrant and an American Muslim convert, is walking home with his brother one evening, except that they never make it… .landing instead in another world.

At each installment of this story, the characters must make choices about how to navigate this world, save their skin, and eventually (hopefully) get back home. The awesome thing is, like in Choose Your Own Adventure stories, each decision is made by you, the reader so that you have the opportunity to decide what happens with each new step.

Will you join the adventure?

Yours for Miznos!

Here are the  installments:

1. A Break in the Clouds

2. The Better Option

3. The Man Called Vivek

4. Without a Doubt

5. In The Act

6. A Nasty Game

7. Desire of the Mind

8. I am Not Free!

9. The Beginning of the End

10. Disappearing Mist