Life 2.0: We need your story ideas!

Once upon a time, there was a boy name. . . .who was. . .years old. He lived in a rocky, desert city named. . .half of which was a modern, beautiful shiny city with cars, bikes, and the occasional random hippie selling amazing hotdogs. The other half was old and smoggy, filled with dead dreams and forgotten things. One day something happened to this boy that changed his life. A mysterious, thrilling, terrifying thing that flung him into a life of fantastical creatures, magic, and surrealism.

What happened to him? What’s his name? How old is he? Where does he live? And where will the story go from here?

Based off of your answers to the polls we’ve been posting, we’ve gotten this far along with our outline for Life 2.0, but we need your ideas to fill in the rest. Comment and let us know what would get you interested enough to click on and read?

Yours for Miznos,


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