Life 2.0 Genre!


Hey guys,

Remember that Life 2.0 story series I told you about? Well, guess what!? Launch week officially starts today, and like I promised. . .Life 2.0 is going to be your adventure with your villains and your heroes that you choose for yourself, both through polls and through the decisions you’ll get to make with each new installment of the story. To start off, here’s the first poll for the week.

What genre is your favorite, would you like to read more of, or have you just always wished there was a choose your own adventure story in? What genre do you want Life 2.0 to be. Fill out the poll and let us know!

Yours for Miznos,


4 thoughts on “Life 2.0 Genre!

  1. Aaaah! I want to do this but I think I should work on my book. So many things I want to do, but I just don’t have time. 😦 Sounds fun though!
    -Erin (YWW)


  2. Hey Erin,

    The great thing about Life 2.0 is that you can tell a story without writing ANYTHING, absolutely anything. This is how it works. You fill out the polls to let Peter and me know the kind of story you want written (genre, setting, etc,) and we take the highest results from the polls and write a story based off of that. With each installment of the story, the main character will be presented with a choice to do one thing or another. Our readers will get to pick what the character decides, to keep them involved every step of the way (just like a Choose Your Own Adventure book.) But it won’t actually require ANY writing on the part of our readers.

    Does that make sense?

    Yours for Miznos,


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