A Psalm to the Creator

My heart rejoices!
The Lord is ruler of heaven and earth.
His reign shall never be ended.
His children sing praises of thanksgiving,
And yearn to be with Him in His heavenly kingdom.

My heart rejoices!
The God of all the land is always present.
With firmness and grace He rules.
His protection spreads over all who fear,
And gives strength to those who are weak.

My heart rejoices!
How beautiful is His creation?
Can any others compare?
The stars in heaven give testimony to His greatness,
And the mountains resemble His might.

My heart rejoices!
The creator sent His beloved son
To be beaten, whipped, and crucified
So that we may live in freedom!
Not having to dwell in regret and shame.

My heart rejoices!
Our mighty King is moving among us,
He is coming very soon!
He will bring us into His mighty house,
To live and love with Him into eternity.

My heart rejoices!
The Lord has a plan for us.
It is for good.
He calls us to love Him and our brothers continually,
To seek our Father, and to know Him.

My heart rejoices!
I am not alone.
In my long, hard walk, my brothers are there.
They are walking in what they are called to do,
Continue in this walk my brothers, do not give into the evil one.


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