A Psalm of Hope

I am surrounded by evil
There is no respite.
I fight constantly, holding onto the hope.
The hope of nations.

I need the hope, with no boundaries.
Give me the light that spears from heaven.
Let me see the beautiful love of my creator once more .

I am surrounded by evil.
Men let themselves be deceived,
In the blatant consciousness of their death.
They run towards the darkness on legs like wind.
They tell us that what we seek is in the enemy.

I need the hope without boundaries.
The kind that spreads over our despair,
And makes it seem like a mouse compared to you.
Abba, when I fight, give me all I need

I am surrounded by evil.
The hordes of your nemesis choke me.
They feed me their bread, which is stale, moldy, and riddled with worms.
But it looks so beautiful.

I need the hope, with no boundaries.
Give me wings like eagles’,
So that I may fly away from my own failure.
Remind me of your Sword, and your Son.

I am surrounded by evil.
But I am strengthened by the lord!
I will bring these hordes to their demise.
Your sword destroys the darkness,
It does not fail me.

I need the hope, with no boundaries.
So that I may lift my sword another day.
May the enemy remember me,
And may he remember who I am in my Father!


About Peter Rogati

Peter Rogati is a 16-year-old Christian writer who loves everything mint! He prays to glorify God in all that he creates, and is excited to see how his Father uses his literature. Peter is a member of Young Writers Workshop, along with his best friend Jason Zimmerman. His novel, The Monk, is speculative fiction, and is in the midst of its first draft. Miznos is the first blog he has ever been apart of.
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2 Responses to A Psalm of Hope

  1. Erica Floret says:

    Wow, Peter! This is really good! Nice job! 🙂
    -Erin (YWW)


  2. Lizbeth E. says:

    I love it Pete! *thumbs up*!


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