Exciting New Announcements!!!!

Hey folks! I’ve got some good news and some bad news. First for the bad news. . .which is actually good news:

Summer has officially started which means I’m planning to have a LOT more available time to invest in my blog, writing blogposts, and connecting with my readers! Yay! But first. . .I need to take a much needed break from writing, school, and all things un-summer. My family and I are doing some vacation stuff and then I’m going to a cool, Christian camp called Worldview Academy. All that to say, I won’t be on here at all during that time. I will still try to schedule posts for every Wednesday in advance, but I won’t be able to monitor comments and engage with all of you. So sorry!

Well, now that that’s over, here’s the good news: From July 12th to July 19th I’ll be launching an all new story series called Life 2.0!!! Why is this good news? No, not because you’ll get to read a series of stories by me. . .but because YOU will have the opportunity to read a series of stories by YOU. You heard that right. My goal with Life 2.0 is to let you tell a story. . .the story you’ve always wanted to read. . .with no work or writing on your part. This is how it works. I’ll be posting a series of polls on here and on the Young Writer’s Workshop paid community to determine just about everything about the stories I’ll be posting on here. Each week, I’ll also end with the main character (the main character you chose and created) having to face a horrible or wonderful choice, except you’ll be the one to decide what choice he or she makes. Remember those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books you used to read when you were 10? Well, this is just like that except better. . .because you can be just as involved (or not involved) as you want from inception to final conclusion.

Also, as part of Life 2.0 I’m inviting a brand-new team member to the Miznos blog staff, our very first teammate: Peter Rogati. Peter is a 15-year-old on fire for the Lord and with a passion for writing and for people. You’ll learn to love his humor, food descriptions, and honest depth. And he, and I, are committed to serving you and God through Miznos the best we know how.

Until next time,


About Jason Zimmerman

Jason Zimmerman is a 16-year-old passionate about serving God through writing and drama and loves embarking in strong God-honoring relationships with other believers. He is currently working on a young adult novel entitled Thrush Call. He is also part of a Christian dance studio. One of his all-time favorite books is The Giver by Lois Lowry, but he’s always open to new reading possibilities. He aims to obey God with his whole heart and can’t wait for all things to be made new when Christ returns.
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8 Responses to Exciting New Announcements!!!!

  1. Anna says:

    Awesome! So excited for the Life 2.0 series, AND for the new team member! Have a great break from all thing un-summery. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. rebekah elle says:

    You’re going to Worldview? My siblings and I all go there until we graduate (unless your summer is filled with a missions trip like mine is this year). That’s so cool you’re going. =D Is this your first year? And Life 2.0 sounds super cool. I always loved those choose your own adventures.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Jason says:

    That’s so cool, Rebekah! Yep. It’ll my first year, and I’m really excited/nervous!!! I’m sure it will be a blast. That’s cool that you’re going on a missions trip.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. rebekah elle says:

    Ah neat, I hope you have a great time! And yep I’m super excited. ^^


  5. Awesome! I’m so excited! I can’t wait for you Life 2.0!


  6. Erica Floret says:

    Hi, Jason! That sounds cool! I think I missed the Life 2.0 though. 😦

    -Erin Feliciano (YWW)


  7. Peter Rogati says:

    You didn’t miss Life 2.0! That’s still coming.


  8. Esther Zimmerman says:

    Awesome! Looking to here more 😊


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