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A Psalm to the Creator

My heart rejoices! The Lord is ruler of heaven and earth. His reign shall never be ended. His children sing praises of thanksgiving, And yearn to be with Him in His heavenly kingdom. My heart rejoices! The God of all … Continue reading

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Arkansas. September 13th, 2020. 4:30PM. Cloudy. Rainy. 65˚ F. I’m wearing a wool sweater. Jeans. And black-and-white Converse. The phone’s in my pocket. The forest is directly in front of me. Some bird song—like dying sirens. Pull the phone out … Continue reading

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A Psalm of Hope

I am surrounded by evil There is no respite. I fight constantly, holding onto the hope. The hope of nations. I need the hope, with no boundaries. Give me the light that spears from heaven. Let me see the beautiful … Continue reading

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Exciting New Announcements!!!!

Hey folks! I’ve got some good news and some bad news. First for the bad news. . .which is actually good news: Summer has officially started which means I’m planning to have a LOT more available time to invest in … Continue reading

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