Cry! It’s Mother’s Day <3

I’ve been pretty busy this week (have a math final coming up, an Arabic final, and am overly obsessed with texting friends,) so I haven’t written anything to post this week!

But. . .even though. . .I haven’t WRITTEN anything, I do have something to post. This week is Mother’s Day and I wanted to point you guys to these two wonderful links perfect for the occasion. WARNING: They’re tear-jerkers. So, sit down, click the links below and remember why YOU love your mom.

The first link is a story about a mother and son that I got to read for English last week, titled The Paper Menagerie.

The second is a video of a singer (who is famous in Korea) singing a song about his prodigal story.

They are both really good and worthwhile. I hope you enjoy!

The Paper Menagerie


3 thoughts on “Cry! It’s Mother’s Day <3

  1. The minute I saw this post, I had a feeling I knew what story was going to be in it. *grins* It’s so heartbreaking but wonderful. ❤ And the other link was amazing too.


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