I am waiting for the answer to a question I don’t know to ask.
I am waiting for the answer to a question I can’t see.
There is something deep inside me that just has to be released.
I am growing into someone I don’t know or care to know.
I am wondering at the person that I see.
Is the me I am really me?

Show me, someone, who I was and who I will soon learn to be.
Show me, someone, how I got here and to fill this hungry need.
Please and call me, if you know me.
If you know who I have been?
Something tells me that this someone who I am ain’t really me.

I am watching my reflection as it changes, grows estranged,
And my body, it’s connected, but I feel that it’s infected.
And the heart-pulse that is beating, it is weighed down by the grief.
A grief I don’t know. I can’t express it—and where it comes from I can’t go.

Who am I? And where did I fly from?
If I had wings instead of webs where did I fly from?
If you could tell me, whispering, let me burst through this cocoon of me.
As if I were trapped inside my own body.

Where did I fly from? Oh, from where did I come? Why did this death come?
And who am I? And who are you? And why are we
Asking questions we don’t know how to ask. . .


About Jason Zimmerman

Jason Zimmerman is a 16-year-old passionate about serving God through writing and drama and loves embarking in strong God-honoring relationships with other believers. He is currently working on a young adult novel entitled Thrush Call. He is also part of a Christian dance studio. One of his all-time favorite books is The Giver by Lois Lowry, but he’s always open to new reading possibilities. He aims to obey God with his whole heart and can’t wait for all things to be made new when Christ returns.
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