If You’d Come Back-A Poem

I was depressed and broken
You were maybe joking-
But I think that you were sad.
Maybe if I had opened my mouth.
Maybe if I had said something.
Things would be different.
But that day is far away.
Your heart tears.
You don’t care.
I wanted to tell you what love was.
I wanted to show you I wanted. . .
Wanted to open up an opportunity.
There was an invisible wall between you and me.
If I had said your name-
Pushed past the pain. . .
But when I looked at you
I was jealous
And when I looked away
I was bitter.
The cold turned into hate,
My soul littered.
And when you opened up,
I didn’t know what to say.
I prayed.
And he was with you.
And he whispered.
I knew he knew you.
And I did not.
What was I missing?
What have I lost?
You spoke the curse,
And I walked in the door.
I entered as a spy,
And I began to die.
I was in a camp not mine,
But I truly felt it.
Now I’ve seen the sun,
Felt the breeze.
Are you here?
If I had known things,
If I had not.
What have I lost?
If only, you’d come back.