A7: The Watcher

A watcher of mankind returns to the Kingdom to find out why there is so much pain on Earth. He knows that the Lord must have some sort of reason, but he does not understand it. Will he be willing to trust even if he doesn’t understand? Will he see that God has a plan for everything He does and that God’s ways are higher even than that of a watcher?

The watcher drifted through the clouds, surveying the dying city. He wondered at the many demons walking below. Each one whispered lies through the street, and the people listened. The people were broken.

The watcher had already seen too much. He had been watching this place since his childhood, and things only got worse. People hated each other. They tried to use others to bolster their own self-fulfillment, and when they were not satisfied, they became easily angry. They wouldn’t listen to the watchers truths because they were too absorbed in the lies.

It was no wonder though. They made idols of others, and when those other people didn’t meet their standards, they were disillusioned. It had been that way for far too long.

The watcher felt tired of all the brokenness, and he wanted to go back to the Kingdom. He knew that the Lord would be able to explain all this brokenness. Though the watcher did not understand it himself, he trusted that the Lord was using it somehow. He needed to go see Him, to get answers. Then, he would be better equipped to invade the darkness with light.

It had been thousands of years since the watcher first came to this part, and now, he wished to return to the Kingdom. He wanted to understand more before he set out again.


The watcher whispered a prayer and floated back up through the clouds. His hair glistened white, brighter than the sun.

After a few moments of drifting, the watcher found himself back in his room. Though he had not been here for thousands of years, he remembered it. Close by sat the bluish-green sphere from which the watcher had just exited: Earth.

The watcher opened his white door and walked outside into a corridor leading to the throne room.

Unlike earthly kings, one did not need permission or a prior appointment to meet with the Lord.

He was always listening, always watching. He knew when someone would be coming to see him about something.

The watcher walked through the corridor, praying and thinking as he walked.

During his time as a watcher, he had seen every type of evil imaginable from murder to adultery and everything in between. He had been sent to fight it.

He was only one of many watchers. He had only watched one city in all his time as a watcher, yet even there, every type of evil thrived and every type of good was destroyed. The enemy’s servants were many: some fallen angels and others broken humans that he had destroyed before.

Each soul was so precious, yet every soul was broken in some way. Some were worse than others. They had seen more evil and possibly participated in more. Even the faithful few were affected by the pain of the Earth.

The watchers did not like to talk to each other about what they saw. They did not want to learn any more about the darkness than they already knew.

The watcher reached the end of the corridor, and turned a corner into the Lord’s throne room.

He bowed as he entered.

The Lord sat on a throne of clear glass, which reflected a rainbow color similar to the reflection seen on a dewdrop in Earth. His hair was a burning white, fiercer than that of the watcher, and he wore a flowing garment that went down to his feet.

Peace be with you,” He told the watcher.

His words echoed through the throne room. The watcher was too enraptured by his presence to answer.

“Do not be afraid any longer, only believe,” the Lord continued. “The world is passing away, and also its lusts; but the one who does the will of God lives forever.”

Now, it was as if the watcher did not need his question answered anymore. The presence of the Lord was so strong that it was impossible not to trust Him.

The watcher knew that though he still might not understand the Lord’s reason for the pain and hurt, the Lord was right in all his ways. There was no questioning Him.

That was the beauty of it. God knew and understood so much more than any angel, even a watcher, could ever understand or know, and He was in control. He would conquer.

God loved the people, and He was all-powerful. Still, He let the pain remain.

Still, He let sin remain. Why did He let the people choose to defile Him?

There had to be a reason. The important thing was not knowing that reason but trusting that God knew.

God would bring beauty out of darkness. . . out of black, and at the end of time, God would conquer all the evil and bring everything to completion. The watcher had been called to help in this fight, and he had to trust that this battle brought God glory on the Earth.


About Jason Zimmerman

Jason Zimmerman is a 16-year-old passionate about serving God through writing and drama and loves embarking in strong God-honoring relationships with other believers. He is currently working on a young adult novel entitled Thrush Call. He is also part of a Christian dance studio. One of his all-time favorite books is The Giver by Lois Lowry, but he’s always open to new reading possibilities. He aims to obey God with his whole heart and can’t wait for all things to be made new when Christ returns.
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4 Responses to A7: The Watcher

  1. Interesting idea, writing from the perspective of an angel.


  2. Nice job, I throughly enjoyed this!
    I would have liked to see some mention of the faithful, when the watcher was talking about all the evil taking place in the city. That’s just me!


  3. zmnjason says:

    Good point!


  4. S.K. Lupu says:

    awesome! I like how you tied in Bible verses.


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